Monday, October 17, 2016

Getting Hired

Getting Hired

If you have been to different interviews already, the odds are high that you may have been questioned ‘why should we hire you’. This is one of the most common questions to feature in an interview and it is important that you are well prepared for it.

Showcase Your Skills

When you are asked the reason as to why the HR should hire you, one of the key things you need to do is elaborate the skills you have. Ideally, your answers need to be such that your HR can see the kind of skills you possess or an interview skills and they should be the ones who should feel the urgency and the need to hire you.

How Confident You Really Are?

One of the key things which will be analyzed during this question has to be your confidence. There are a lot of applicants who are actually capable of a lot of things but they are not confident enough. Now, when you are looking to get a job, one of the foremost things you need to bear in mind has to be the kind of confidence you have.
Until and unless you are confident enough, it will be hard for you to handle the different situations that you will face. A job is likely to put you through a series of different tests. A confident employee will know how to handle the most adverse of situations.
Further, when you are being interviewed, if you are not convinced as to why you should be hired, why should your HR give your application any serious thought? This is why you will need to confidently answer the question and showcase some of your best skills in order to create a befitting impression.

How To Best Display Your Skills?

If you are wondering the best way to showcase the skills you possess, you can always fall back on a PowerPoint presentation. Ideally, when it comes to displaying how skilled and proficient you are, a short presentation with a few slides seems to work best.
Your presentation shouldn’t be too long as you need to factor that there may be a lot of other applicants who would be interviewed too. If there have been instances in the past where some of your best skills have come to the forefront, you can always choose to talk about that.
Use instances which can be verified whenever necessary. When you manage to do so, this will surely help you in creating a befitting impression. Your HR is looking for ways by which he can be convinced that you are a good choice.
It is one of the best chances to create abs everlasting impression. You need to ensure that you put in your best effort. This is one of the most crucial questions and can play a decisive role when it comes to hiring you.

So, put your best efforts and be hopeful that your HR can see what a useful asset you will be to the firm! Here some another useful Uber interview guide.

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